Forever Mountain gives independent pharmacist prescribers the confidence, business skills & a peer to peer network to help them start and scale their own private dermatology clinics. 

We recognise that dermatology services are highly needed in primary care and we believe that pharmacists with a special interest in dermatology are the key to supporting patients living with skin conditions.

We are a training, mentoring and coaching company focused on supporting Independent Pharmacist Prescribers to build, grow and scale successful private dermatology clinics and change the lives of patients living with skin conditions.

Our aspiration is to become THE go to training, coaching and mentoring company for pharmacists seeking to become experts in dermatology.

We create expert clinicians in dermatology providing gold standard care for patients with skin conditions. 

If you're an IP pharmacist with a keen interest in dermatology, or you're about to embark on your IP training with a view to specialising in dermatology then visit our website to learn more.